Full Stack Developer (Blazor) - C#/.Net

Location: Italy - Tortona (AL)

Full Stack developer (Blazor) – C# /. Net

Technology Practice

Reporting to
Head of Technology Practice

People to manage


The candidate will take part of the Technology Practice division, a Tech Unit supporting all the business organizational departments. Working in team, he will deal with applications and in a software e-mobility context. In specific, he will have to assist the project team managing the back-end part and follow the front-end part. The candidate will be the point of reference of both internal and external consultants in relation to web apps development through Blazor. He will be responsible of aligning the programming languages of all developed products.


  • Development and programming in C# language for the projects he will take part of;
  • Analysis conduction and performance optimization;
  • Documented and tested codes writing;
  • Monitoring the web applications development for Blazor applications;
  • Supervison of the project team and external consultants for web applications developed with Blazor;
  • Keeping updated on new technologies developments;
  • Responsibility of technologies .net core/framework, asp.net and Blazor related projects;
  • Under the guide of head of Technology, interface with business division with the aim of reaching a good comprehension of developmental needs Technology related.


Requirements and Requested Skills

  • Preferred degree or diploma in technology industry;
  • Excellent knowledge of .Net core/framework, Asp.Net and entify framework;
  • Basic knowledge of Blazor UI Framework and willingness to deepen the thematic;
  • Knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, C and C++ languages;
  • At least 5 years of experience in similar roles;
  • Excellent knowledge of English language (B2 level spoken and written).


• Autonomy, initiative and proactivity;
• Inclination to work based on goals and perseverance in achieving them;
• Excellent analyzing and solving problems skills (problem solving);
• Ability of working in international and multi-cultural contexts;
• Ability of handling stress;
• Ability to work respecting business deadlines;
• Ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams;
• Reliability, respect of the rules and ethic.

Availability for national and international business trips is requested.

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