Maintenance technician

Location: Italy - Milan/Turin/Piacenza/La Spezia

Maintenance technician

After sales

Reporting to
After sales Manager

Subordinate Positions


He/she will be part of a technical team, composed on average by 15 units, depending on the highway stretch he/she will be assigned to. He will support the installations and/or maintenance interventions assigned.



  • Preventive maintenance and monitoring of systems to verify their correct functioning and in removing any anomalies;
  • Troubleshooting activities and audit of any malfunction’s reasons;
  • Use of company’s internal applications and plants diagnostic systems;
  • Collaboration with team members during interventions and with other company’s technician structures;
  • Maintenance and reports drafting.

Requirements and skills

  • Diploma in computer science, electric, electronic, electromechanical subjects
  • Previous experience in electric systems, safety and/or video surveillance equipment or, alternatively, in photovoltaic plants or in maintenance of radio/telephonic systems is a plus;
  • An experience of at least 5 years;
  • Skills in main IT tools and in using the personal computer;
  • Availability to do shift work, work during holidays and be on call;
  • Availability to work outdoors.

Availability to work on shifts

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