Project Manager

Location: Italy - Tortona (AL)


Project Manager


Operations – Project Management

Reporting Line

Head of Project Management

Subordinate employee


Purpose of the position, responsibilities and main tasks

The main task of the Project Manager is to plan, execute and finalize the realization of a project in all its phases, guaranteeing the quality of work and compliance with contractual obligations.

The Project Manager organizes the entire development of the project by defining the objectives, the dedicated team and the related tasks, ensuring compliance with the agreed deadlines and expected margins.


  • He plans projects in detail, defines their development plan and ensures that each organizational unit respects what has been planned;
  • He creates the adequate project team to carry out the task assigned to him and coordinates the resources through all the project;
  • He guarantees (for each project assigned) quality, compliance with deadlines, costs and expected margins;
  • He develops and maintains relationships with customers, partners and suppliers involved in the various initiatives;
  • He supports the Purchasing department in the procurement of materials, both collaborating in the definition of contractual conditions and maintaining appropriate contacts with suppliers;
  • He conducts regular meetings to check the progress of projects and alignment with forecasts;
  • He remains the main interface with the customer as far as the contract performance is concerned;
  • He draws up the reports of closing the order, to disseminate the results, the solutions and anything else necessary to increase effectiveness and efficiency in subsequent experiences;
  • He ensures that all activities are carried out in compliance with company procedures, the Code of Ethics, the Quality Manual, the sector legislation and the regulations relating to the Environment and Safety.